Album: It Means Nuthin' When You're Dead (2011)

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Song: Everything For You

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Wasted Life were formed in 2007 in Stoke On Trent England, a once thriving polluted smog ridden city based on its pottery industry. Jobs were sent overseas and it is now one of the most economically deprived areas in the UK. However.... it set the tone and paved the way for some great local musicians like DISCHARGE, LEMMY of Motorhead, THE SKEPTIX, SLASH (of Guns N RoSES, ehh hem), BROKEN BONES, SECTION 5, a guy named ROBBIE WILLIAMS who you've probably never heard of and was also home to Mike Stone's Legendary CLAY RECORDS.
What originally started out as playing punk rock covers at local pubs, Wasted Life have done a complete turn around with an entire new line up to crank out there very own angry anthems. Lead Guitarist "Rat", also of local ska heros THE ROUGH KUTZ, recruited Jeff "JJ" Janiak for vocal duties , an American from New Jersey who happened to be living in Stoke On Trent and was the frontman for New Jeseys's DEAD HEROS. Also added to the new line up was "Stark"on bass, of the 80's punk group VA-T-EN. "Lindop" was added as rythm guitarist and "Mach" was added behind the kit and then replaced with "Tom" of HANGING ISCARIOTS & LYMPH NODE. Tom stayed with the band for just under 2 years and was then replaced by Dave Major, previously of HEAD CLINIC & SECTION 5.
The band put out with their debut release on DIRTY OLD MAN RECORDS (previously known as PUNK SHIT RECORDS), a split CD with black country punks RATMONKEY and have played around the UK to promote the release, sharing the stage with some top acts like Cockney Rejects, English Dogs, Discharge, Broken Bones, Vice Squad, Menace, Varukers, Red Flag 77, GBH, External Menace, Abrasive Wheels, Resistance 77, The Lurkers etc. The live shows are powerful and intense, which gained them a spot on the annual NICE 'n' SLEAZY FESTIVAL in Morecambe supporting THE BOOMTOWN RATS and have appeared as guests on Phoenix FM's PUNK AND DISORDERLY radio show. They have gained themselves a dedicated following that have been filling their venues and have even been credited with putting the Stoke On Trent punk scene back on the map . The band have recently finished recording a new album which they hope to have released 2011 and have appeared on numerous compilations. The songs are about the realities of a sick society as they know it, not how they think it should be. Everyday Life is a struggle.....Wasted Life tells it like it is.